Early in 2021, about three months after we built our skate ramp, Ant and I got a bit hooked on timelapse mural painters on Youtube, which of course was enormously inspriing to us Artists, and gave us the inspiration we needed to decorate our skate ramp. As Ant is super busy with Kustom Revival, I took on the project thinking that I would just take a week or so out of my schedule building Gladys, to jazz up the ramp room walls… Three months and a broken leg with a titanium plate later, and the mural is finally done and ready to share!

This video is a time lapse, moment by moment record of the creation of this epic project that actually properly broke me! Ant and I arranged all the music for this video too so I do hope you’ll watch and enjoy it?

If you want to skip ahead to just seeing the final images here’s the gallery:

I do hope you enjoyed that, please be in touch if you would like to know more about having a mural painted, or if you just would like to follow my next epic creative adventure?


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