Yup, 15 weeks ago I broke my leg, in a freak roller skating accident. I say a freak accident because it’s not like I am a newbie skater, I have been skating for years, and falling without major incident for years so I am pretty well practiced at not breaking myself. But that Sunday afternoon in March I was just rolling around – on almost flat ground, doing nothing special when I caught my skate and fell straight down, sitting on my left leg, snapping the Tibia and Fibula in multiple places. A very bad complex fracture that would result in almost a week in Hospital, surgery to insert a titanium plate and 10 screws, and months of rehabilitation.

I know it sounds pretty horrific, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone… But it’s not the worst thing I have ever been through, and there have been so many good things to come out of it that I am actually really rather glad that this did happen. Okay, so I miss out on a summer of skating, I am pretty gutted about that, and that I can’t use our ramp at the moment, or continue building Gladys the Wandering Gallery… But the Art! Oh the art to come out of it! It’s been truly wonderful to have this ‘bum glue’ that has forced me to sit down and return my pencils to paper, brush to board .. To rebuild my website and blog… Ultimately to reclaim a part of myself that was not so much lost, but very long neglected. And I LOVE THAT! I feel more myself than I have in years.

I have also have to face my shadows, those things that drove me to break my leg in the first place – These things don’t exactly ‘just happen’ – and heal up all that whilst I was healing my broken leg. It’s been a time of huge growth, and I feel so much happier and lighter for that too..

So here at 15 weeks I have begun walking consistently without my crutches.. I am practicing and trying to extend the distances everyday.. And I feel like the return to skating is not so far away – finally! But I am taking it slowly because I don’t want to over do it, or loose what I have gained through this experience by rushing back to my old way of life.

Anyway, I think this broken leg has begun a whole new chapter in my life, I’m excited, and it starts here… so watch this space!

Thanks for your love support and well wishes y’all!


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  1. Hope you get back to FULL fitness very soon. Still love listening to your Pivotal Cd which you kindly signed for me at Lowestoft, supporting Sam Bailey. What a night. How things have changed , but looks to me that you ate loving your life more than ever now, which is fantastic. Keep up the great work.

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