South Coast Sundays Collection

This is a collection of artworks by Nikki Loy inspired by many Sundays spent people watching and enjoying the South Coast of England – From Brighton and Shoreham, down the West Sussex coast and on to the West Country. Though they may be humourous or a little fantastical in nature, each of these artworks is inspired by true life insightful observation, and in many cases is the result of Nikki’s desire to capture a real moment even though her camera was not at hand…

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‘I was heading into Brighton one nearly moonlit evening, for a night out with my friends, it wasn’t a ‘nice evening’. It had been raining, and the clouds still hung heavy in the sky, everything was still wet and it threatened more rain. People were out mooching on the sand, only revealed at the lowest tide, regardless… For that is when the lights shine at their finest.’

Oil on canvas, 48 x 48 cm. For more information CLICK HERE

”When it’s dark, the times are tumultuous, and you feel like you might sink in despair, remember that no storm lasts for ever, it passes over and a new bright shining day will come – Hold on’

Painted in oil on wood, ‘Hold On’ was originally inspired by the story of Stephanie in This Child of Mine, a Brighton based character who lives through tragedy and despair, into hope and who ultimately finds steadfast peace and joy. I have used West Pier and the seas and the skies to symbolically convey that emotional journey.’

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‘This moment passed so fast I hadn’t time to do anything other than commit it to memory, but as soon as I got home I sketched the character in my sketchbook.

One of the thing I love about Brighton is that so many people just live however they want, and wear whatever they want. I shall never know whether this person scooting by so boldly, in green sequined hot pants with a gold sequined cape flying out behind them, was a performer in costume on their way to a show at the Spiegel Tent, or whether this is their every day style!? To be honest I hope it’s the latter!’

Digital illustration, available as a archival quality giclee print. For more details CLICK HERE.

‘When you swim out to sea and then turn around and look back, you see a whole new perspective that the shore dwellers don’t see. This was one such day, at water level, at the right angle, Albion Lighthouse appears to stand alone, with it’s little Coastguards keeping watch as they so often do on that breakwater.’

Albion Lighthouse was built on Kingston Beach in 1846, in Shoreham-by Sea, West Sussex.

The original 25 x 25cm oil painting has already sold, but prints and cards are available.

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‘The Albion Coastguards are at it again, lining themselves up along the breakwater in Shoreham Harbour, keeping watch. It’s dusk and the light is fading, what remains casts the sea in hues of silvery blue. It’s beautiful, how could I not paint it?’

Oil on wooden board. 33 x 38.5 cm.

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”Rustlehampton’ is the affectionate name I give to a section of West Sussex coast where I like to skate regularly, that crosses the boarder between Littlehampton and Rustington. These beach huts are a short walk from there, captured in panorama on a blustery day. It is painted in oils on wooden board.’

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‘Bird flying high, You know how I feel…’ This composition was a happy accident, the Littlehampton beach huts sneaking in on the bottom of the painting.

Oil on canvas board. Framed in ‘St Ives’ style moulding.

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”Spirit Rising’ looks like a dream scape… But it’s as real as I could paint it.

These peculiar cloud formations occurred at low tide, at Littlehampton in West Sussex, just as the sun was going down. The sand is wet and reflecting the puffy white clouds hanging low in the sky above it. All the little birds patting about on the sand are similarly reflected.’

Please note that colours are more vibrant in real life, the web versions tend to be dulled in compression.

The is painted in oils on a 51 x 122 cm canvas.

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‘This is the same section of beach but on a bright windy morning when the tide was much higher. It was the dog in the wind and the stark shadows that made me want to paint this.. It’s only a little study but I love it. ‘

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”’Buy a beach hut’, he says, ‘We’ll have lazy Sundays’ he says!’

One Sunday I watched a gentleman in his Sunday best, tie and all, doing exactly this! And his seemingly long suffering wife was holding the smallest ladder ever, looking as grumpy as can be. They did make me chuckle.’

Painted in vibrant oil paint on wooden board 19.2 x 27.5cm.

For more information on the original painting CLICK HERE. Also available as a print

‘Ey up Lionel, we’re ‘avin chips for dinner!’

‘Inspired by a real moment, Chip dinner humorously captures Littlehampton at low tide and some very happy seagulls.’

It is a mixed media artwork painted on 25 x 25cm wooden board.

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‘When you are sitting in a campervan watching the world go by, sometimes it’s like there’s an invisibility cloak pulled over you, and people carry on as though you aren’t there, as though you don’t see them and can’t hear their conversations. But you can!

This was one such moment by the yellow Littlehampton Beach Huts… This little group came along with their ice creams, all dressed in blues, with umbrella to match, except for striking red hair… And they sat a few feet from me and the only one who said ‘Hello’ was the dog.’

Oil on wooden board 25 x25cm. For more information CLICK HERE

‘I spotted her one day, zipping along the seafront on the cutest teal vintage bicycle with flowers round the basket and a windmill spinning in the breeze. She wore a stripy rainbow dress, cats eye sunglasses, head phones and braids in her grey hair.

And I thought…

‘I want to be like that when I grow up!’ ‘

Mixed Media on 21.9 x 33.7cm wooden board, for more information CLICK HERE

Watching the summer Seasiders crabbing has always filled me with mixed emotions. It looked fun of course to be the crabberman (like fisherman but for crabs??), but I feel sorry for the crabs hoiked out of the water, to spend the afternoon in a bucket and the be hurled many feet back down into the water to repeat it all again the next time. I felt they needed a protector, so I envisioned a giant crab there to snip the line and thwart the capture of the smaller less experienced little crabs.

But then the other day a fellow pointed out that maybe it was a nice game for the crabs to entertain the children, and they do at least get a free bacon dinner out of it. Hmmmm?

Crabbin’ is mixed media acrylic on wooden board. It measures 9.5 x 49.4 cm and is also available as a print.

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‘Did anyone else notice? I don’t know… But I did.

The old woman and the big Irish Wolfhound. She was sat on a bench in her overcoat. He, with his shaggy grey fur, sat on the promenade in front of her. He was so tall he was almost as big as she was. She held his paw, and he held her hand, and they gazed lovingly, knowingly into each others eyes.

What a precious moment, I was on skates gliding past, I took a snap shot in my mind and rolled on by… Later I drew this.’

Indian ink pen on paper. For more information CLICK HERE

Currently being properly photographed.

‘I don’t always have the power to change things, I wish I did.

I wanted this man to stop his dog’s behaviour but when confronted, he didn’t believe his dog could be controlled. Instead he drew himself up off his scooter to his full height, which was considerably bigger than me, leaned over me intimidatingly, and asked if we had a problem!?

‘Um… yes… but as you’re threatening me, I’ll let it go… until I get home and immortalize your behavior on paper for all to bear witness to.’

Indian ink pen on paper. For more information CLICK HERE

Currently being properly photographed.

‘Coming down the coastal path overlooking the sea I was struck by how the beach looked like someone had laid out a multicolored patchwork quilt over the sand; the wind shields were so tightly packed together, but I was also struck by how few people were actually braving the Atlantic Ocean, just the little ones.

As one gentleman put it looking at this painting, ‘It’s quintessentially British!”

Painted in oil on wooden board. For more information CLICK HERE

‘One evening when on holiday in Cornwall, we sat on a bench in Mousehole harbour and watched life unfold.

Each little activity in this painting took place as we watched, the party boat went out, the fishing boat came in. The Kayaks bobbed about, the kids jumped off the wall over and over and over, and the cat managed to stay as dry and aloof as ever.

Painted in oil on wooden board. 23. x 55.7 cm.

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