The Wandering Gallery … And Other Stories

The personal working art & design studio of Nikki Loy

Yeah, you read right, she’s my working art studio, event space, and a mini stage, and a camper all rolled into one. That’s why I have ‘And Other Stories’ in the title. She used to be a library bus and she still has many stories to tell! Gladys is a very diverse and creative vehicle, for a very multi-faceted owner.

At the moment, Gladys is undergoing a transformation from being an ugly duckling to an almost beautiful swan. You can check out her journey as she transformations on her instagram @TheWanderingGallery

Gladys doesn’t have her own site but you will find everything you need at including her online SHOP

The History of Gladys

Gladys the Gallery, or The Big G as we affectionally call her, started life as a Library Bus, built for the purposes of taking books to the people! So she was always pretty cool but before she came into Nikki Loy’s world she was owned by a fellow called Les who gave her her name, and who was part of a 1940’s army reenactment drama group. So whilst on the outside she still looked like a (nearly) normal HGV, on the inside she had been transformed into a 1940’s army communications control room! Complete with brick fire place, brown gloss tongue and groove paneling, Bakelite sockets and switches.. and even an old typewriter. To show off her glorious (ahem!) insides, the gents had cut a massive hole in the side of her and would regularly take her out for exhibition and to play war games in her.

Eventually she needed a new home.. And Nikki just so happened to be looking for an HGV to house a mobile working studio space. Gladys, with all her peculiar army showtime idiosyncracies and giant hole in the side, turned out to be perfect for the job.

She is very close to being ready for her new life, so now, if you want to be kept up date about Gladys’ adventures we would highly recommend that you…

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