‘Let Me Live In Eden’ Collection

This is a collection of artworks by Nikki Loy inspired by her love of nature, her vivid dream life, and in particular, her recent visits to The Eden Project which was deeply moving, and left a very long term impression.

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"I dreamt of a woman, 
Standing in a tree, 

She was so aligned

In body, soul, spirit and mind, 

That the tree in which she stood, 

took whichever shape
she desired...."

I had this dream many years ago. Even at the time it was a powerful enough image that not only did I make a note of it in my journal, I also sketched it out in watercolour in my sketchbook. And later symbolised the idea I had to one day create a proper version of her, in the visioneering drawing I made of Gladys before Gladys was even a ‘thing’ as well! Now here she is, finally out of my head… and touching people heart and soul. The response to her has been amazing.

She deserves a post all her own, so if you want to read more about her intention and meaning you’ll find the full story HERE

Oil on wood, approximately 120cm in Diameter.