The Tiki Surf Bus Bar Is Finished ~ And looking for a new home!?

Prone to salvaging random things that look like they have ‘potential’, Ant and I have had this large wooden sleigh shaped thing hanging about in the workshop for… Ahhhh, let’s be honest, years! It’s been looking at me that whole time whispering ‘Paint a Splitty on me!’… So finally, fueled by a desire to actually bring to fruition some of this ‘potential’, I started painting. Judging by my attire in the videos that I made of the creation process (coming soon! I time lapsed the whole project!) it was late summer. It was only supposed to take a couple of weeks but It’s now February! And I’m finally calling it done… Well, done enough.

This is an absolute one-of-a-kind original artwork ~ A Tiki surf inspired,VW split screen, full of character, hand painted in acrylics in my signature palette onto a curved wooden panel. This piece is inspired by and infused with the spirit of the many vintage VW’s that surrounded it during it’s creation at Kustom Revival – Our vintage VW repair center here in West Sussex. The whole bus is has been painted by me using a real split screen, and Winnie our truck, beside me as reference… Though clearly I was far more inspired by the patina of a well loved salty surf bus, than than the pristine beauty of this ’64.

The top is also made by me from reclaimed and upcycled wood, fully sanded and then waxed – I really don’t like to see things go to waste.

As cool as this Tiki Surf Bus Bar looks in our workshop, it is actually for sale! I’m currently taking offers on it. Don’t be English about it, if you like it and you want it, shoot me an offer?! I do have a reserve price in mind but you can bid as many times as you like – Just drop me an email and we’ll take it from there.

The bar is currently is pure white on the back side, without shelving of any kind – This is because I would prefer to build bespoke storage / surfaces inside to suit the exact requirements of the new owner. It’s currently intended for interior use.

So, I wonder what glorious new life the Tiki Surf Bus is headed for? A venue? A mobile bar business? A summer house?

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Anyway, I can’t wait to share the whole ‘making of’ time lapse of this project with you so ‘stay tuned’!


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