Many, many, many of you have commented on the amazing woodcut artworks by Lily that you have seen in ‘Gallery Gladys’ recently, so I wanted to highlight these works here in our online space.

Lily Loy mostly prefers to remain an enigma, wandering the beaches of France creating beautiful murals here and there, as she goes. She has chosen not to give me a biography for public consumption but instead wishes to allow her works to speak for themselves. That said you can find her occasionally on Instagram as @lilyloy.artist

Lily’s striking paintings are each drawn on wood, cut out by hand, and then exquisitely painted in vibrant eye catching colours. I don’t think a single person has passed these by without commenting on them.

I have four of her stunning wood art paintings on exhibition here in the UK that are available for sale. Further information on each artwork can be found on the listings in the shop, please click through for additional pictures and details. These are only available for a limited time so if you are interested in making a purchase please do get in touch as soon as possible using the contact form below.


Hand painted wood cut out Flying Heron with gold foliage in white, blue, gold and purple.

View this artwork here


Hand painted wood cut out artwork by Lily Loy of Bees harvesting honey from exotic flowers. In yellow, teal, and pink

View this artwork here


Hand painted wood cut out artwork by Lily Loy of a bright pink and green water lily.


Hand painted wood cut out artwork by Lily Loy of a pale purple and green Cala lily.

So go on, click through to these listings in our shop and have a closer look. Or better still, make an appointment to come and see them in person?


Please use the form below if you would like to talk to us about purchasing any of these artworks, we looking forward to hearing from you:

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