Biiiiiig thanks to my band Cheryl Pearce, Ryan Robinson, Phil heard, Pete Sherman and George Shilling for helping make this a great gig, one of my favourites ever. Loved the spontaneous never before rehearsed rendition of Breathe that we did in the sound check.. It set us up for a really enjoyable performance. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen, to Toni Sherman for this photo below, and to Chris Knight for the cool photo of the moon and me! You guys all really helped bring my musical mojo back to life this weekend! xxx

This one however is a pre-show folding chair appreciating selfie! 

George Testing out an elector acoustic bass in the instrument tent.  

Soundcheck silliness… (photos: Big G)


Receiving a wonderful introduction from my fabulous friend and Bar Stage organiser Johnnie Littler… What a grand job he does!

And thanks to SGG images for the action shots!

I love Towersey so much, this was our third gig on the First Thursday Music Club stage… Hopefully we’ll get to play again next year, and you never know – Maybe we’ll make it to Venue 65 next time??

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