Bloom is a bit befuddling. When folks walk into my studio and see her she usually causes a reaction. Some ‘get it’ immediately, they lay their hands on their hearts and I can see they are deeply moved. Some get flustered, they know it means something, but it’s frustratingly passing right over their heads so they harumph and move on. Some think they know, and give me their interpretation, valid I guess, art is always open to the viewer’s interpretation – But, except for a few wise women, they are usually wrong as to my interpretation. So I shall explain her for you…

She came to me in a dream – A woman standing in a tree, who was so aligned in body, soul spirit and mind that the tree would take whatever shape she desired. 

To me she speaks to the nature of humanity and the quantum world. We are one with our natural environment and energetic environment, not separate or ‘other’.  We have the profound ability to impact and influence the world around us. We can literally cause it to change and manifest according to our desire but the quality of our manifestation is dependent on the mastery of ourselves. It is dependent on the ability to perfectly balance and control our body, emotions, mind and spirit and to merge it with intention for a specific outcome – And out of that perfect balance comes the alchemy of creation, and blooms life as we desire it.

Isn’t that a wonderful thought? To me it’s hugely inspiring and so I have begun a daily practice of bringing these aspects of my being into alignment. This journey thus far has been wonderful, and I do feel I am blooming. One of the greatest gifts the practice is bringing me is an understanding of my own energy field and how to wield it, as it were. And the morning ritual of balancing body, soul, spirit and mind, is bringing very great peace and clarity – Not to mention synchronicities and manifestations.  

I wanted this artwork to be inherently built on sacred geometry to symbolise the quantum nature of our world and the flow of creation from it, and so I started by drawing the first circle on a large piece of wood. And then over the first circle I drew the other corresponding circles of the flower of life… And then I scaled down and drew the next layer of the flowers of life that fit into the larger one.. And I kept scaling down, and down and down, until the circles were only a few centimetres in diameter and I had drawn hundreds and hundreds of them over the original 1.2 metre circle. It created a kind of complicated grid of lines. And once I had a grid of lines and points all over the wood, I started to pick out certain lines and certain points to create the drawing of the tree and the woman. Paying attention to how I could shadow the idea of the Taurus field and the helix of energy flow across the composition, and the Vesica Piscis. 

Something that was also significant to me about the dream, was that as I observed this miracle of feminine power… I was not alone. I stood side by side with an adversary and we watched together. I knew then that unity amongst the sisterhood of women on the earth was also the key to our power to create the world we desire, and we do not create alone. Interestingly this dream, together with a real life pivot, helped shift my attitude to this adversary and we now share a camaraderie instead, and our relationship is greatly improved.

Folks have asked me whether she is a particular Goddess, if she is, I do not yet know her name… She reflects many aspects of the divine feminine that I dearly would love to see more of in this world but I don’t think that the principles symbolised in this painting are limited to women… I believe these principles apply to all humanity no matter which gender you identify with.  

I was brought up in a heavily patriarchal version of Christianity. So, many of the divine feminine characteristics and traits were missing from my spiritual development. I think this was to my detriment and that of every person who was raised in a similar patriarchal religion, for it is exceedingly unbalanced to exclude the sacred feminine from our spiritual practices and we see this incredible imbalance playing out terribly in cultures across the world. Bloom has set me on a journey to learn how the sacred feminine can be reintroduced into my spirituality and way of being – To be honest I think this is the energy that the human world needs to avoid its own annihilation, but that’s a bigger conversation for another day. 

I was very careful of the energy and intention with which I actually painted the artwork. I wanted to ensure that she only triggered in me powerfully positive, creative vibrations. All the music and podcasts I listened to during the creation process were themed accordingly.

She is a heart work, a soul work, something that I created purely because my heart and soul insisted. I put her out there on that basis, if she is a blessing to you, be blessed. If she is a challenge to you, be challenged… But above all, I desire and intend that you too, BLOOM! 


Bloom is painted in oils on a hand cut wooden board, and is approximately 1.2 metres in diameter. She is available for purchase, please contact more for more details.

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