What with the crazy ol’ world and then the broken leg incident it’s been a while since I have been able to gig. But I am delighted to announce that on Sunday the 3rd of April I am doing a live show at Joe’s Bar in Summertown!

I’m super excited about this, as many of you know Joe’s has always been a big supporter of the live music scene and has given me more gigs than I can remember let alone count. I have so many memories of life changing moments in that place: Meeting new managers and record labels, starting new projects, making new friends, meeting clients, doing solo shows, duo, trios, even band break ups… I don’t think I ever went on a date there though, despite the proposals! 😛 I grew my musical life at Joe’s Bar.

Anyway, I can’t wait to return and make some new memories. I’ll be performing an acoustic mix of my own compositions and some of my favourite covers.

The music starts at 7:30pm and it’s not ticketed, but it is advisable to book at table as numbers are limited. Call Joe’s on 01865 554484 for more information and booking.

I look forward to seeing you there!


‘Nikki Loy is, a singer and writer of classy pop songs. With a sensational voice that soars as well as it rocks and that wows audiences all over the UK. She is described as Blues Belle, Soul Diva and Pop Princess artfully rolled into one!’

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