Gutsy girl Nikki Loy turned her back on heartache and a life that didn’t fulfil, and now ranges the UK and Europe in a self-build campervan pursuing an incredible musical journey with a new view from the window every night. While her songs are shaped by both pain and joy; there is a hopefulness and inspiration pervading these tracks which will move and motivate every listener to follow their dreams and take hold of their future happiness.

Fresh from supporting Shane Filan on his successful 10 date UK Tour, and having played such iconic venues as the 100 Club and Ronnie Scott’s bar, London, in 2017 Nikki went on to 32 date UK tour supporting Sam Bailey.

Now based in West Sussex (although it’s hard to pin her down now that she lives on the road in a freshly converted van) Nikki Loy is a true adventurer.

Known for her sensational vocals Nikki’s voice can move you to your very core, carrying such maturity in her tone that coupled with depth and emotion of her lyrics her performances regularly inspire fans to follow her example and pursue their own dreams. Nikki brings a wealth of musical experience that includes busking, festivals, Hillsong music college in Australia, writing a column for The Oxford Times, and writing 52 songs in 52 weeks.

She has also supported a host of other stars such as jazz great Janette Mason, Americana artist Lauren Pritchard, Decca Artist Krystina Myles, and Irish pop folk singer Wallis Bird and many more.

With a growing back catalogue of two albums, two EPs and a live album …and an also impressive resume of gigs including the New
Theatre in Oxford and the Cobden Club, London, Nikki is an established musician well known and well loved across the UK. Her influences in the early years were blues and soul but her growing interest in music introduced her to Country and Americana, and as a sponge for fresh inspiration she is passionate about electronica and pop too. As a result the music that pours out of Nikki is a unique blend of all that poured in.

She has also co-written for a well know Saatchi & Saatchi ad campaign – and the award winning video for her single ‘Can I Keep You’ was chosen by the BBC to be part of their Music Video Festival, screened on big screens in town centres across the UK, also reaching the final of the UK Songwriting Contest. 

Of herself Nikki says… 

I sing, I write songs, for a very long time I have been a painter and an illustrator. Some moments I am a blogger and a designer. I’m always a daughter, a sister, a lover, a friend. One label is not enough… (not for any of us). 

I love, seriously, LOVE rollerskating… And most especially with my ladies. When we cruise round town in our finest sparkle statement outfits, listening to our tunes and dancing our little hearts out, that is just the greatest feeling! But I enjoy the simple things too. I like freshly brewed coffee, peanut butter on toast, peppermint tea and mango sorbet. I prefer a mostly plant based diet and feel all wrong if I don’t eat an avocado everyday. I love sunshine, but I really love fat green leaves and they need lots of rain, so I appreciate the rain. I love the smell of a forest after a downpour. I love van-lifing with my man, and tearing up the stage with my musician friends. I like keeping myself to myself and I like meeting new people. I love dressing up! I love to be inspired and feel creative but also to feel grounded and alive. Sometimes I like to collaborate but mostly I like working alone. I write songs, take photos and paint pictures to record life and bless others.

I sing because I can’t help myself, it’s the overflow of my life.

I am also a big supporter of other dreamers, of local independent businesses and people who grow stuff and love the planet. We all just want the world to be a better place! :0) I value personal growth and being a life long learner. I believe we are all one in this great universe and that consciousness is the key to creating a wonderful future for humanity. I believe there is abundance for all, if we could only work together.

Like Ron Dicianni, I trust that God (Universal Consciousness) will take my works and like stars, fling them out into the universe to those who might need them.


Nikki Loy Signature